Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Afternoon and After

Consarn it, I didn't get to Big Moves' Pancake Breakfast after all! (And caffeine and carbs are two of my favourite food groups!)

However, I did catch a few shows before and after mine:

The Dirty Little Spoons: Feels like the first time - Some naughty, all-lady sketch. It was a delicious blend of live scenes and video as well as some sassy musical numbers. (I now have the "Dr. Stevens" song stuck in my head.)

Uncalled For: Hypnogogic Logic - Family-friendly all-gent sketch inspired by the world of dreams. So, so intelligent and funny - I had a great time and my fellow audience members seemed delighted, too!

I had my second show after that. It was a smaller group today, but I still had friendly faces to talk to. I was also glad to see a gentleman of my acquaintance in the audience who dressed for the occasion in a lovely long red skirt. (See? Some people still dress up for the theatre! :))

After that, I checked out 7 (x1) Samurai in which David Gaines tells the story of the "Seven Samurai" - By himself - With only a couple of masks and few words of English. If you're info clowning, mime or just want some great entertainment, check it out!

To close out the evening, I saw Dance Animal: Freaks of Nature - I loved their show last year and loved it again this year. It's a tasty mix of comic dance numbers and scripted vignettes - Infectious, irresistible fun!

Good night, I'd better head off to bed - I have more Fringing to do tomorrow!


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