Thursday, July 21, 2011

Returns and Recollections

(Obligatory tourist skyline shot taken from the top of the CN Tower)

Well, we're back from Toronto! (Thanks to Pat for helping with the driving!) I loved being in Toronto, but it's also lovely to be back home!

I really enjoyed myself, and I was so please to perform for so many people who seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. I really felt like Pat, Emilia and I delivered an entertaining show. It was also a treat to see over 25 shows which ranged from sweet to silly, from giggles to grief. (Apparently, my taste for alliteration is still going strong.)

But, what next? I do have an opportunity or two for remounting the show. I also have a few other projects percolating writing and performing-wise. I also hope to finally finish reading A Game of Thrones so I can finish watching the mini-series. In short, I shan't be bored.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday and Salutations

Oops, has it been a week already?

Well, we were busy flyering, watching shows and, of course, performing our show. We have been getting some good houses and they're laughing, which is nice for us to hear! I have also bumped into a few people who ave told me they enjoyed the show - Even one woman who said she didn't care for Austen, but enjoyed our take on it!

Anyway, we have one more show tonight, and I am looking forward to it, but I will certainly go into Fringe withdrawal again. Oh, well, maybe the best way to deal with that is to start writing next year's show.

I am so grateful to be doing this show with Pat and Emilia, I am having so much fun! One more show to go!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday and Sensibility

Hello Again,

Wow! We our second show yesterday and we had another great crowd and the show went quite well. The audience was laughing a lot, particularly thanks to Pat.  (I know I sometimes have to try to keep myself from cracking up onstage during some of his antics!)

We also ran into quite a few people afterwards who saw the show and complimented us on it. That was delightful!

We have a few days off before our next show on Wednesday, so we'll have some time to have a little fun, play tourist and check out some shows, but, of course, we will also hand out flyers and keep talking up our show. Let's see how many people we can welcome on Wednesday!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Openings and Opportunities


Wow! We had our first show last night, we were at about 70% capacity and the crowd was laughing a lot! Pat, Emilia and I all had a great time performing the show and we really appreciated that the audience was so supportive. I really like the performance space, too. It's just the right size and atmosphere for our kind of show.

The show went pretty smoothly, there are definitely a few things we can improve, but I was really happy with it overall. I have to really acknowledge Pat and Emilia's hard work and contributions to the show, this is definitely a team project. (Also, thanks to Costa, for his patient direction and support. And, of course, our ultra-helpful venue technicians Shauna and Kevin.)

Anyway, I had better get ready for our matinee today. I am looking forward to performing again. It's our volunteer show, today, so I hope a lot of them come to check out the show! I really appreciate what the Fringe volunteers do for this festival - They are an essential part of the festival. (And they're a great source of help and info, especially for someone like me who's from out-of-town.)


Monday, July 4, 2011

July Preparations

Greetings All,

Sorry to be blogging less than I'd planned, I've been caught up in a few things the past couple of weeks. I enjoyed my Montreal Fringing (as I always do) and I am looking forward to Toronto.

Costa, Pat and I have been working on a few revisions and tweaks, and we are also welcoming out new Rosie, Emilia, who is joining us for the Toronto shows. (Robin rocked as our Montreal Rosie, but couldn't come to Toronto due to some other commitments.)

Soon, we hit the road and take on Toronto. We are hoping to make the opening ceremonies on Wednesday. (The beer tent opens, and postering begins. I'd better have my tape at the ready!) We also already have a few shows we are looking forward to catching. So many plays, so little time...