Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun

Hello All,

For shows down, two to go. Tuesday had our best attendance so far (and response!) and Thursday had a smaller crowd, but they were very supportive and laughed a lot. (Special thanks go to that gentleman laugher sitting on stage right, near the front.) I really feel like our little team is working together really well and we have found audiences who get what we're doing and are enjoying it - It's a lovely feeling!

In the meantime, I have been meeting people and checking out shows and having a great time. Only 3 more days and then I shall go into Fringe withdrawal. (Well, at least 'till we get to Toronto.)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is it Tuesday Already?

Greetings All,

Time flies when you're having Fringe. We have already done two shows! I thought Sunday went particularly well and the crowd seemed quite receptive. I love our venue, it's gorgeous! (And our technician, Rachel, is just plain awesome. When we had an issue with a microphone cord during the show, she sprinted down and set it right in seconds!)

I am also volunteering, flyering and I have also managed to see 16 shows to date. (I am having a great time checking out what my fellow artists are up to. There are some very cool shows this year!)


Monday, June 6, 2011

Publicity and Promotion

Dear Readers,

Preparations continue, flyers have been printed and I have been flyering anyone in my immediate vicinity. (I took full advantage of the packed patio at tonight's QDF Calendar launch to liberally distribute them hither and yon.) I also have my posters (above) designed by the lovely and talented Josh Budman. (Thanks, Josh!)

We also had the Fringe-for-All on Monday, May 30. I was unable to attend, but Pat, my intrepid partner in crime represented the team. We had two minutes to plug our show in any fashion we wished, so we used a little rap number. And someone just pointed out to me that we piqued at a writer's interest (way to go, Pat!):

Tomorrow morning is our tech run, so I'd better get to bed after I make sure all my props pieces are ready to go. (Now where did I put my checklist...)