Monday, June 6, 2011

Publicity and Promotion

Dear Readers,

Preparations continue, flyers have been printed and I have been flyering anyone in my immediate vicinity. (I took full advantage of the packed patio at tonight's QDF Calendar launch to liberally distribute them hither and yon.) I also have my posters (above) designed by the lovely and talented Josh Budman. (Thanks, Josh!)

We also had the Fringe-for-All on Monday, May 30. I was unable to attend, but Pat, my intrepid partner in crime represented the team. We had two minutes to plug our show in any fashion we wished, so we used a little rap number. And someone just pointed out to me that we piqued at a writer's interest (way to go, Pat!):

Tomorrow morning is our tech run, so I'd better get to bed after I make sure all my props pieces are ready to go. (Now where did I put my checklist...)


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