Saturday, July 9, 2011

Openings and Opportunities


Wow! We had our first show last night, we were at about 70% capacity and the crowd was laughing a lot! Pat, Emilia and I all had a great time performing the show and we really appreciated that the audience was so supportive. I really like the performance space, too. It's just the right size and atmosphere for our kind of show.

The show went pretty smoothly, there are definitely a few things we can improve, but I was really happy with it overall. I have to really acknowledge Pat and Emilia's hard work and contributions to the show, this is definitely a team project. (Also, thanks to Costa, for his patient direction and support. And, of course, our ultra-helpful venue technicians Shauna and Kevin.)

Anyway, I had better get ready for our matinee today. I am looking forward to performing again. It's our volunteer show, today, so I hope a lot of them come to check out the show! I really appreciate what the Fringe volunteers do for this festival - They are an essential part of the festival. (And they're a great source of help and info, especially for someone like me who's from out-of-town.)


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