Monday, July 4, 2011

July Preparations

Greetings All,

Sorry to be blogging less than I'd planned, I've been caught up in a few things the past couple of weeks. I enjoyed my Montreal Fringing (as I always do) and I am looking forward to Toronto.

Costa, Pat and I have been working on a few revisions and tweaks, and we are also welcoming out new Rosie, Emilia, who is joining us for the Toronto shows. (Robin rocked as our Montreal Rosie, but couldn't come to Toronto due to some other commitments.)

Soon, we hit the road and take on Toronto. We are hoping to make the opening ceremonies on Wednesday. (The beer tent opens, and postering begins. I'd better have my tape at the ready!) We also already have a few shows we are looking forward to catching. So many plays, so little time...


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