Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Postering & Possibilities

Good Day,

Today was an important one in Fringe Preparations - Postering Day! At 6 p.m., the gates to the Fringe Park  (Rachel & St-Laurent) swung open as attention-hungry artists swarmed in to poster every available surface! In less than an hour, fences, benches, tabletops and portaloos were covered in advertising material.

Bruce is a postering ninja, thanks to his stint last year with the advertising masters of Cobra III - We (along with my fellow postering padawan Marina) set up some large panels of several posters across and down to create an impressive Jane Austen tessellation. (We managed to snag a nice spot near the box office for it!)

(I will put up a picture of the poster, once I get it in a blog-friendly format - Why won't you upload my pdf, Blogger? Why?)

Of course, the beer tent in the park is open now, as well, so it is a great chance to hang out with other artists, volunteers and Fringe junkies and start deciding on what shows to see. (There are so many! My top wanna-see shows so far are: Shades of Grey, Miss Sugarpuss Must Die!, The Further Adventures of Antoine Feval and Dance Animal.)

I managed to see 25 shows last year - I am aiming to break my record!


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