Sunday, June 13, 2010

Premieres and Performances

Yesterday (Saturday) was our opening show. I was very excited and we had about 45 people. I was pleased to see many of them smiling and nodding during the performance - Always encouraging to a performer!

After a bit of post-show chilling at the beer tent, I finally started seeing shows: First, creamy improvisational goodness from METEOR (with Sean Michaels, Marc Rowland and B.J. Walsh). It's probably the funniest longform improv you'll ever see about an impending apocalypse. (Also, audience members also get things to throw at the performers - How cool is that?)

After that I checked out my Venue 7-mates production of Shades of Grey - If you like the spooky twists and turns of The Twilight Zone this is the show for you! Also, the cast and all the props and costumes are in grayscale - Which helps to give it that retro-creepy feel. There are three vignettes - I enjoyed them all, particularly the second one: Some small-time crooks get more than they bargained for after they break into a curio store. (It was great balance between funny and freaky.)

And now, my gentle readers, I am off to Big Moves' Pancake Breakfast. Then I plan see a couple of shows, performing my show at 6:30 (it's free for Fringe volunteers!) and, hopefully watching a few more after that. See you at the beer tent!


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