Monday, March 5, 2012

Ceremonies and Sayonara

Good Day,

We had our last show yesterday afternoon and it was fun. I have been lucky to have some very receptive audiences, which was simply delightful!

Thanks again to all the FRIGID New York volunteers and staff for taking such good care of me. Also a many, many thanks to my venue technician, Curtis Overacre, for being so helpful, thoughtful and just plain awesome! And, of course, thanks to Sandrine Lafond (Little Lady) for being my stage manager. (Little Lady has been given an additional show on Tuesday. Check it out, if you haven't already - It's fantastic!)

Last night was also the closing ceremonies, I was delighted that Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen won an Audience Choice Award. (Thanks to everyone who voted for me!)

I was also a finalist in The Happiest Medium's Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of DEAAAAATH! I am happy to report I trounced The Terrible Manpain of Umberto MacDougal. (Sorry, Umberto, but if it's any consolation, Jane Austen wrote about Manpain - Particularly in Persuasion, one gentleman gets dumped by his fiancee and another has his fiancee pass away, that's pretty Manpain-ful!) I then faced off against Fear Factor: Canine Edition and triumphed again. Next came the final round, against Infinitum/Finis. We stood alone under the spotlights, the tension was palpable, the crowd was chanting! After many matching throws against my "variant humanoid" opponent I was finally defeated. Well played, Dex. Well played.

Thanks again to all the FRIGID staff and participants. It was a delight meeting you all and also thanks to my director, Bruce Lambie. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it to New York, but his contribution to the show was invaluable!

Soon it will be time to head home. I guess I'd better start packing!


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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time Tali! Well done on the audience choice award!!!!!