Monday, July 12, 2010

Back Home!

I bade a fond farewell to Toronto yesterday and Bruce and I travelled back along the 401 and returned happily home.

I am very happy for my Toronto adventure and am grateful for the great audiences and feedback and getting to meet even more fun, cool and interesting people. I am also exceedingly thankful for Bruce's help in preparing this show and coming with me to Toronto: I always knew he was up there in the booth, calling the cues and keeping a watchful eye. (And, of course, giving me notes after each performance.)

Today I decided to focus on sleeping (I'd been skimping for a while) relaxing and catching up on my reading and TV. In addition, I am going to make some more revisions to the Jane Austen script based on audience responses and feedback for a new opportunity I have in mind. (I have a feeling Jane Austen and I are going to be working together for a while yet...)

I also have a few ideas which have been percolating in my brain that are just asking to be written down...Could an idea for next year's show be brewing? We shall see...


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