Friday, May 28, 2010

Review & Refreshment

I met with Monika, my artist coach, last week, she is helping me to keep on track with all the various moving parts involved in producing, promoting and managing the show. After reviewing my press materials (she liked them, huzzah!) she gave me more homework to do, in particular: Make a VIP guest list and a media list. (Getting the word out is important!)

As a little break over the holiday weekend, I visited New York City again. (I did review my lines on the bus, though! :)) Upon arrival, of course, I sought out some plays. The first was Collected Stories, a two-hander with Linda Lavin and Sarah Paulson. It's a rather nifty little piece about a writer and her protege.

Following that, I saw Stuffed and Unstrung, a puppet improv show from Henson Alternative. It incorporated the wacky fun of puppets with the spontaneous thrills of improv - These puppeteers could not only do scenes, but make up songs on the fly! Lots of fun - Definitely not for kids!

I indulged in my musical theatre habit with La Cage Aux Folles, a tasty confection starring Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge that looks great, sounds great and even has a little romance.

The most singular show I was was actually in Duffy Square, behind the TKTS booth: Theatre for One. It puts a whole new meaning into the term "solo show": One performer performs in a box for one audience member. There was a rotating roster of performers, from actors, to musicians to magicians. Each would perform for five minutes or so. To make it as accessible as possible, admission was by donation.

I was privileged to see a young woman deliver an interactive monologue. She was welcoming me back to the city after a long absence, it was quite an intriguing little piece. She even gave me a little map as a souvenir.

Feeling refreshed an energized by my trip, I returned home. Now, we are back in heavy-duty rehearsals. The Montreal Fringe is opening soon!


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  1. I probably won't be getting to NYC until October to attend a seminar. Hope to catch a play there too.